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Deeksy's Christmas Countdown
Now works in Firefox!

phpBB forum software installed.

New software section.

Another year, another update... sigh.

Old Picks
As part of the recent development that I've been doing on this site I've decided to move the old picks from the bottom of the page to it's own page.

Dan Dance
Well now, here's a first. Using this part of the site to link to somewhere else, it's almost treason... Anyway this is part of a friend's site (Adam Wilson) about his adventures at Nottingham University, the sites called Derby Adventures, which i believe is a reference to the name of the halls of residence where he stayed in his first year.

Some Photos
My sister just bought herself a digital camera. I think this shot she took captures the essence of my room.

New Year 2004
Oooh, that's a big gap between updates isn't it. No two ways about it, 2 years with nothing. Well, big news today, due to changes in circumstances fatdotchris is now properly hosted, with it's own domain (fatdotchris.co.uk). Also there are some pictures of new year 2004 that have been put up.

Deeksy's Christmas Countdown
Developed in September 2000, finally added to the site for Christmas 2001.

The brand new games section, pulling all previously ran games into one section is here. New hangman game with high score feature (that is currently unavaible due to server difficulties which should be solved by the end of the weekend). Only Ken's Poker Dice needs finding again to be uploaded somewhere...

A Day In The Life of Chris Watson
A few more entries after a looooooooooooooong pause.


Please excuse the slightly rough finish to the site at the minute, it is undergoing changes.



Today's pick is:

Deeksy's Christmas Countdown

Carrying on Deeky's tradition of counting down to Christmas is this countdown.

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