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26 February 2001 - ...

Monday, 26 February 2001

Decided to do start this today, maybe it's because I'm a goose, I just don't know.

Builders started today, doesn't look as if they did much, made a little pile of bricks and turned a wheelbarrow upside down on top of it. Maybe I just don't see the rest.

Wrote goose a lot, late for dinner, silly teacher.

Lesson 5 was spent in the library with Sam, intended to do some work, did none. Wrote goose some more. Drew a picture of Nick, kinda, Sam drew my face, and his own. His was rushed, looked silly. Must've been tiring, hard to stay awake during Maths afterwards.

It rained on the way home, I got wet. Saw Vicki waiting for a lift home, or so I assume, she ignored me again.

Got home, played Sam's game. Ken's in it, he looked funny, too "butch". Vicki's in it too, everywhere.

Spoke to Collier on MSN Messenger, he's talking crap about weird songs as usual. He stole some more work of a website.

Need a crap, tea's ready.

Nearly forgot, pondered the word "geese" today, I think I'd prefer "gooses", must endeavour to use it instead.

Tuesday, 27 February 2001

Whilst I write this today I am listening to the soundtrack to Sam's new game, The Adventures of Chris Watson 2. Currently listening to a track entitled Mr. Chris, well I was, now I'm listening to Uneasy Feeling. I've wasted more time on this game today, I'm only one of getting all the codes now. Well, anyway, enough of talk of that game. What else happened to me today?

The first lesson of the day today was Economics, double none the less, I was late, but only a few minutes and people arrived after me, it didn't seem to matter much, we didn't do much anyway. The other half of the lesson we went down to the IT place to do some work worksheets, they're letting the creators of websites teach us again. But because one of the machines in the bay was non-functional I had to go into the uncharted territories of the "Open Access" bit. Vicki was there, I don't know what she was doing, she disappeared from the pc she was on.

Erm, what else? Ah, builders, they must've decided that they are going to annoy me, they thought it would be a good idea to show up to start work at 7:45, why I do not know, what I do know is that it means I have to get up before that time, because once they have started work no water can be run, or at least running it is Ok, but you aren't allowed to let it drain away. So such facilities as the toilet are no longer in use. Handy, isn't it. It also means I am tired during the day at college, 30 minutes less sleep may not seem much, but it obviously is, as I had trouble staying awake in Maths again.

On a lighter note, it's Pancake Day, I hadn't realised, it came as a pleasant surprise.

Must just say this: I don't like the doors at college that only open 90°, it's annoying, I mean, the amount of times it's suddenly stopped. To quote Collier, "Nnnnnnnnnnnnn".

I haven't done any work again tonight, I blame Sam. Hot Shots is on soon, I think I might go watch that.

Did some stuff in the web den, did some more stuff for my site at home, Sam's game, I promised that's the last time I'll mention it, well maybe. You can get it from it's own little page now, so you can play it too. Talking to Sam about his game at dinner, there's the prospect of a directors cut of it, and he's started to formulate ideas about the next in the series, I won't tell you who his intended star is, I'll let him.

Talked to Neil today, he no longer looks like a pool ball, pity.

Builders, I can now see something more than the pile of bricks with the upturned wheelbarrow on which was there yesterday, there is a large trench. With a piece of wood across it. One might imagine someone getting stuck in a ditch like that.

My my, what a lot I've written today. I can't think of anything else so I'll leave it there.

Actually, bit more: I owe Vicki an apology, she says she didn't ignore me, she waved yesterday, so sorry for writing things that weren't right.

Friday, 2 November 2001

Got slightly tipsy.

Saturday, 17 November 2001

Sam's birthday.

A few balloons popped in the fan, Collier failed in his attempt to explode five party poppers.

And Ken taught me how to play a bit of the Quantum Leap theme on Sam's piano.

Thursday, 18 March 2004

Okay, so, I was walking towards El Toro to get a sandwich, etc for my dinner; but as it turned out it wasn't to be...

As I was walking towards the shop I noticed faint letters above the door, I began to wonder if these were letters spelling out the name of the shop that was the there before and I'd just never noticed before. As I got closer I strained to see what they said, soon enough I was able to make them out, "FRESH FOOD" is what it read. Weird I thought, isn't that what it said above the door only the other week (for it had been a week since my last visit), why have they taken the letters down?

The last time I was there the refrigerators behind the main counters which had been used for storing the sandwiches were gone, and there was a sign on the front door saying that there was some refrigerators for sale. I thought this a little odd, and the shop looked a little dark as there was no light coming from them like there had always been, at least as far as I can remember. I supposed that maybe they decided they didn't need them, the sandwiches were instead placed in the main counters at front, this was not the first time that they had done that, and I guessed that they'd decided that worked best for them.

But now that I had this new information about the sign a thought occurred to me, "They're not shutting down... are they?" I got closer still and realised that the shop was dark inside, and there was words painted onto the glass. "This shop is now closed. Sandwiches, cookies, etc still available next door" along with a big arrow pointing to the restaurant part of El Toro. So I was close, except I was a few days late, it had shut. I was saddened by this news, for a few seconds I didn't know what to do, where was I to go now for food? I found myself following the arrow into the restaurant part, being so it obviously was full of tables and chairs with very little room for the selecting and purchasing of food. The El Toro experience for me was not this, I don't think I shall return often to this new era of restaurant-only El Toro, for this reason I mourn it's passing.

Sunday, 20 March 2004

The 'phone started to ring. Nothing unusual. The other line started to ring half a ring through the beginning of the first. Now that was a little weird. They carried on ringing. The only thing I could think of was that it was like some kind of a denial of service attack against our 'phones. Afterwards my sister rang 1471 to try found out who it was; number withheld, as usual, so probably more telemarketing crap. The time that they both reported that someone rang the numbers? 17:17.Coincidence, probably; weird, definitely.

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