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Spring Leaver's Concert 2000

Here is a picture of most of the people who took part in the Thomas Sumpter Spring Leavers Concert 2000.

Spring Leavers Concert


1: Chloë Dakin
2: Erika Major
3: Heather Campbell
4: Sam Boulby
5: Louisa Gribbon
6: Tanya Cropper
7: Lucy Hudson
8: Neil Mounsey
9: Chris Hind
10: Emily Butterfield
11: Ken Baker
12: Matthew White

There were some people involved in the concert, but were not present when the photo was taken (the picture was taken by the Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph and is being used here without permission). So here are their names: Joanna Hockey, Adam Wilson, Sammantha Jayatilaka. Did I miss you off the list? Then tell me. A special thanks goes out Big Tom (Tom Baker) who helped in naming a few of the above people.

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And the Black Defaced Spring Leavers Concert (as defaced by Sam Boulby).
Oooh, Muppets. The "Bunch of Muppets" Defaced Spring Leavers Concert (as defaced by Chris Collier).

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