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This is content from the old front page, it is kept here purely for historical and sentimental reasons.

It was finally removed from the front page on Wednesday, February 11, 2004 where it had been sharing top billing with the new look for over a year, and given this page.


This is the fatdotchris site. You come here when you've got nothing else to do.

There's plenty to see, so don't waste time, get on with it.

Ripper McRoo

Ripper McRoo - The mystical creature seen as never before.

Chris' JavaScript

Chris' JavaScript - Speaks for itself really, come and see what I've done.

The "Adventures of..." Series

The "Adventures of..." Series - A compelling series of games from Sam Boulby, you won't be at a loss for quality here.

Spring Leavers

The Spring Leaver's Concert 2000 - A picture of the people who took part. Thomas Sumpter School, North Lincolnshire. Now with new Black Defaced Version.

Nick the rockstar

Nick the rockstar - No one knew it but Nick's a rockstar.

Collier's Games

Collier's Games - Come and play Reservoir Pokémon, shoot all the Pokémon.

Flash Movies

Flash Movies - A new section. The opening movie: "The Sheep Cycle" by Nick F.

Dot Race

Dot Race - That innovative new game from Nick, you wouldn't believe it really existed unless you saw it with your own eyes, just watch and see if you don't while away hours bashing your keyboard...

Red Alert!

Red Alert! - Only one of the amazing programs in the Kenneth Baker section.

D Razza in a fez!

The Spring Leavers Prom' 2000 - A few pictures from this event.