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Nick Game
Many things have this moniker attached to them, here are a few that dare to show themselves.
Nick Games now have a site of their own at: http://members.digitalrice.com/nickf/games. Update: 30.01.2004: Well they did, but due to digitalrice being digitalrice, and a hard drive crash at the source end, it's gone.

The first "Nick Game" to be released to the public, most of the programming done in an IT lesson no less.

Frantically bash the keyboard to make your Dot the first over the finishing line in this addictive multiplayer game.

Based on the familiar concept of Pacman, and taking into account the theory that everyone likes the Cookie Monster of Sesame Street fame, this game enables you to become the Cookie Monster.

The aim of the game is to go around the different maps eating the cookies that have been carelessly left all over the floor, waste not want not, whilst all the time avoiding the grouch who has decided that he would like to catch you and stop you from enjoying the cookies.

B7 - Hit, you sunk my BattleShip. Take control of your fleet and defeat the enemy in this classic game. Pit your wits against the Artificial Intelligence of the enemy fleet. Includes animated introduction and two ending sequences.

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