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VOB Renamer
Version 0.2.0

Licence: Freeware. Free for all non-commercial use.


Small Visual Basic 6 program to rename a set of DVD Video files.

For example:

SomeDVD.PAL.VTS_01_0.VOB --> VTS_01_0.VOB
SomeDVD.PAL.VTS_03_4.IFO --> VTS_03_4.IFO


Download and extract program to directory of your choice.

Suggestion: C:\Program Files\fatdotchris\VOB Renamer\VOBRenamer.exe

Use the program like so:

  1. Choose a folder containing the files which you want to rename.
  2. Load the folder.
  3. Review and edit the files that will be renamed.
  4. Rename the files.

More detailed instructions are included with the progam.

For information the following external ocx files are referenced:

  • mscomctl.ocx


fatdotchris.VOBRenamer.v0.2.0.rar (26kb) [ed2k]

Change log

v0.2.0 - 01.03.2006

  • Fixed bug that allowed a folder to be added twice to list of recently used folders.
  • Fixed drag and drop support on folder input. Can drag files, folders and text into this box now.
  • Can associate VOB files with program - will now load the parent of the file that is passed in on the command line.

v0.1.0 - 02.07.2005

  • First release.

Old versions


Visual Basic 6 Runtime Files


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