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RSS Generator for Ublog (Access Version) 1.6
Version 0.1.1a

Licence: Freeware. Free for all non-commercial use.


This asp file will generate an rss feed from and for use with the open source blog software Ublog.

It is designed to work with the version of the above named software using a Microsoft Access database.

It was designed primarily for use with Firefox's LiveBookmarks feature.


Download rss2.asp.txt (see below), rename to rss2.asp and place in the blog root directory.

Open the file "include/metatag.inc" and add the following line:

<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="<YOUR BLOG TITLE>" href="<YOUR SERVER/PATH>rss2.asp">

Replacing <YOUR BLOG TITLE> with the title of your blog, and <YOUR SERVER/PATH> with the full path to location of the rss2.asp file.

This will show the rss button in the status bar in Firefox, allowing Firefox users to easily add your rss2 feed to their bookmarks.

Open the rss2.asp file and locate the following lines. Change the parts in red.

cConn.Open "DBQ=" & Server.Mappath("<PATH TO YOUR BLOG DATABASE>") & ";Driver={Microsoft Access Driver(*.mdb)};"

<link><PATH TO YOUR BLOG></link>
<description><DESCRIPTION OF YOUR BLOG></description>

<webMaster><YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS></webMaster>

<% If NumBlogEntries = 10 Then Exit Do %>

This number determines the number of blog entries that will be included in the feed. The default is 10.

To see this file in action visit my blog. If you like it, say hello.


rss2.asp.v0.1.1a.txt (<2kb)

Change log

v0.1.1a - 21.05.2005

Fixed item description.

v0.1a - 20.05.2005

First release.

Old versions

rss2.asp.v0.1a.txt (<2kb)





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